How to make your handwriting better

Handwriting Optimization 5/15/2013

-Why would anyone care about your handwriting?

  • Efficient, Fast, and Clear handwriting allows you and your employer to take notes and write messages that are easier to use than your average dictionary
  • Your Handwriting is unique to yourself, you want to be able to present you, for all that you are worth
  • With some practice and some determination, your handwriting can be improved as you write, work, and toke notes throughout your daily life

-Steps to improving your handwriting

-First, Assess your current handwriting, it is necessary to know where you can improve.
In order to assess your handwriting you should write out the alphabet in order 10 times. As you finish one letter list increase in speed while completing the next one.  after that write a sentence that utilizes every letter. Similarly increase in writing speed as you move from one sentence to the next. A good example of a sentence utilizing all of the letters in the English alphabet is: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (writing the alphabet both letter by letter and in a sentence structure can help you get a wider sample to pull from when analyzing your handwriting)

-When you have completed the handwriting sample use a text editor or an image of the alphabet as a reference image for ideal handwriting. Compare your handwriting to that of the ideal and use some scratch paper to write down as many differences as you can find. Make sure you scrutinize your handwriting if you really want to get better a single note should be as follows:

6th speed alphabet sample- A was was rounded at the top rather than sharp

– Get creative with your sample ideal handwriting use your favorite font, add flair to the letters that you wish you had in your own handwriting and assess all of your sample text as if it should include those. A good resource for this is Wikipedia and Google images.

– While you take these notes take your time, you are already improving your handwriting! Go slow and attempt to write to your own ideal. Whenever you are not in a rush to write something or to take notes go as slow as you can and work for your ideal.(Remember back to 1st grade no one could write fast let alone fast and neat the ability to write and to write fast comes with perfect repetition when you have mastered how to write slow you  can begin to master how to write fast in your own ideal.

-Practice everywhere you have the ability to and you owe it to yourself to! If you practice the virtue of patience and you strive to always get better you will get better.

As Always thank you so much for reading! feel free to share like and do as you do in the realm of social media to help your friends get better at everything too!

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